reasons to travel with us

BonViage provides unexpected and personally enriched travel experiences for you to explore the world. From pushing your comfort zone to appreciating new things, our small group trips blend local culture, local nature and locally cultivated experiences to allow for life-changing moments to happen and approach everyday life in a new way. 

Local Experiences

Our approach to every trip begins with local knowledge and insight to local culture for everything we do. Whether sitting in a local sauna in Finland or hiking with local Berbers in Morocco, we provide you opportunities to connect deeper when you explore. In addition to local food, local transportation and local accommodation, we blend a country’s local authentic beauty with personal enrichment to push your comfort zone, expand your perspective and enhance your well-being.

Personally Enriched Itineraries

Every country has something unique to teach us so, we carefully select destinations targeting a combination of natural beauty and an intriguing theme to discover about the local culture. By blending traditional highlights with local connections and personally enriched experiences, it opens the opportunity for unexpected life-changing moments to occur.

Small Groups & Shared Values

We travel in small groups of less than eight. From getting acquainted at pre-trip events or setting shared ground rules for the road, our goal is for you to feel safe and enjoy travel among like-minded friends. By traveling in our small groups, you receive a personalized experience and the flexibility to connect to the local experiences you are looking for, from grabbing a table at a family-owned restaurant to driving off-road, where tour buses don’t go.

Responsible Approach

Your travel choices make a profound impact on the world, which is why BonViage is committed to responsible travel. We support local resources and leave behind the natural environment how we found it where ever we go. Good journeys leave behind good rewards.

BonViage Host

A BonViage host is always there to lead you along the way, dedicated to ensure trip details run smoothly or solve unexpected problems when they arise – so you can just enjoy.