Finland, a Northern European nation that borders Sweden, Norway and Russia. Its capital, Helsinki, occupies a peninsula with surrounding islands in the Baltic Sea and is home to an international design district and diverse museums. Finland is often called the Land of a Thousand Lakes, which makes sense why locals embrace the outdoors and a sauna culture from summer to fall, winter and spring. The Northern Lights can be seen from the Arctic Lapland, a vast wilderness with national parks in the northern region.

When to travel to Finland?

Finland is a country for all seasons. In the Summer we will visit Helsinki and immerse ourselves in the wilderness to get aquainted with local sauna culture. In the fall, we set off on a hiking adventure to explore FInland's rustica season in Lapland. Keep an eye out for a possible winter trip, as well.

Interested? Check out our trips below.

Summer & Fall 2018

Local Finland & Lakeside Escape

Investigate with us what makes Finland one of the happiest countries in the world. Journey inward and beyond as we explore Finland's design capital, Helsinki and then head into the wilderness to learn to ...

Fall 2018

Local Helsinki & Lapland Hiking Adventure

Experience the visual delight of rustica in Lapland and trek in one of Finland’s favorite National Parks. Let's begin in Finland's design capital, Helsinki, as we explore local neighborhood’s and cultural sites. Head north into the Lapland wilderness and ... 


Finland & Wirrkala Family Adventure

From the country’s proud independence to Wirkkala family history, learn about Finland’s local culture, local nature and its’ people. Explore Helsinki, international city of design. Visit a local neighborhood sauna. Jump in the Baltic Sea......

Why travel with BonViage?

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Local Culture

Each country has something unique to offer, even the most popular ones. But, it can be difficult to find the unexpected, when everyone is talking about it. We focus on investigating a country through local experiences – from local culture to local nature – and more.

Outdoor Experiences

From breathtaking landscapes to cultural insights, the outdoors is where your eyes can open the widest. No matter your skill level, we provide experiences for you to push your potential, go off-road and at times get your feet dirty to investigate a different cultures way of life.

Personal Enrichment

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