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Sauna 101

Interested in FInland, hiking and the outdoors? Well, that means there is a sauna involved somewhere along the way. So, come join us in the sauna and find out more about our next trip to Finland in 2018. 

If you know us, you know we love Finland and its’ sauna culture. Which means we look for ways to do this in our home town, Chicago. Red Square Spa has been around for decades and where local Chicagoans in the know, visit routinely. Though not a Finnish sauna, it’s pretty darn close with the end result the same – a place to relax, renew and find happiness.

Sauna entrance fee: $35. Includes towel and sandals. There are two separate areas for male and female, with a co-ed dry sauna. Option to linger in your robe and eat in the restaurant afterward.

Interested in traveling with BonViage? Here is a chance to come meet us and learn more about our upcoming trips in 2018.

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