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Anna Schabold: Breathe into the journey of change.

The one thing all of us have in common is a desire for health and happiness. But, obtaining it is the hard part especially when the guidance of society leads us astray. So, we have to learn from our experiences, which creates struggle along the way. Is there a way to make these transformations easier? 

We interviewed Anna Schabold, a Chicago based yoga instructor who will be joining us on our Finland & Forrest Yoga Adventure, to find out how her life’s path guided her to Forrest Yoga and how .....

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Daily joy leads to BIG adventures

Excerpt from NEWSLETTER: Issue 3, December 2015

TRAVEL TIP: It can be scary to stray from one's comfort zone. But when traveling, this is when the magic happens. How does one get comfortable and trust the unknown? Start by taking small daily adventures. Dare to listen, taste, see and try new things. Then, see what happens.

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