What is a sleep sack?

TRAVEL TIP:  Prepare for the unexpected. Pack a sleep sack to make your off-the-beaten-path accommodation more comfortable and provide peace of mind when you're out of your comfort zone.  Because the unexpected is what makes an adventure.

Dear Venturer,

Travel and meeting the real world can be exhilarating. And for some, uncomfortable at the same time.

Stepping off-the-beaten-path means visiting places that may not fit a standard hotel star rating system. So, what do you do to prepare yourself for the unexpected when your local guest house, mountain refuge or camp site under the stars pushes you too far out of your comfort zone?

The solution: A sleep sack.

What is it? 
Also known as a sleeping bag liner, a sleep sack is a light-weight travel sheet that can provide additional warmth to your sleeping bag or provide bedding protection when your local accommodation’s standard is different than your own. It can help keep mosquitoes and other creepy crawlers away when sleeping. And, give you comfort when the heeby jeebies start questioning who slept in that bed or under those blankets last.

How to choose one?
There are two different styles. Cocoon and mummy liners can slip right into your sleeping bag and have a hood to cover your head on cold nights. Rectangular liners can stand on their own and sometimes have a pocket to fit a pillow inside. Choose from one of the three different materials: Cotton, polyester or, silk.

Cotton sleep sacks are the most affordable option but, not the lightest or compact. They can add warmth to your sleeping bag. And, be sufficient as a light weight cover when sleeping in tropical destinations.

High-tech, polyester is known for its' fast-drying, breathable and easy-care comfort. Ideal for humid conditions. And, offers some stretch when you want a bit more wiggle room. Moderately priced.

Our preferred choice, for being light weight and compact. It is absorbent and breathable in warm weather. And, adds warmth to your sleeping bag or other bedding on chilly nights. Can be hand or machine washed with mild soap; drip dry or tumble dry on low. Priced on the higher end.

Happy Travels,
Lesley Ames
Chief Venturer, BonViage

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