Daily joy leads to BIG adventures

TRAVEL TIP: It can be scary to stray from one's comfort zone. But when traveling, this is when the magic happens. How does one get comfortable and trust the unknown? Start by taking small daily adventures. Dare to listen, taste, see and try new things. Then, see what happens.

Dear Venturer,

My name is Ine. And, I would like to introduce myself. I am from Belgium and BonViage travel host for the upcoming trip to Rwanda in 2016. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable to travel with an unknown group of people – until you get to know them.

So, I wanted to share just a little about me. 

I try to do something new everyday in my life. Why would I do that? Because it helps me get more comfortable with stepping out of my comfort zone and it energizes me. It even helps me sit still and appreciate the smaller things in life. Like when the sun shines or sitting quietly sipping my daily cup of green tea.

I am also adventurous and like to explore. It feels natural for me to take a different route to the railway station. I almost never go to the same restaurant – since there are so many to discover in Chicago. I always buy an unknown product in the supermarket. And, I force myself to go to Meetups on my own to meet new people. What’s my reward? I've broadened my perspective and have become more confident in trying new things. I enjoy sharing my own personal discoveries found in the world. 

Our trip to Rwanda is a big jump out of one's comfort zone. Another continent. A different way of living. Challenging treks to see chimpanzees and gorillas. Foreign food. I am here to help you take that jump; be physically prepared, learn about the culture before departure, and feel comfortable with me – who has jumped before.

But for now, try to do something new each day as much as you can. Take little daily adventures in your own town and, appreciate the magic found in stepping out of your comfort zone.

Don’t forget, the bigger the jump, the bigger the reward!

Ine Van der Stock
Travel Host, BonViage