What about the pack mule?

TRAVEL TIP: Total weight limit for a pack mule is 100–175lbs. This means a pack mule should only be carrying two bags of 30–45lbs (plus the saddle blanket that weighs about 45 lbs). So, it's best to pack a soft duffle for the mule, double check the weight of your bags at the airport, and leave any hard luggage cases behind.

Dear Venturer,

This month we are getting ready for our trip to Morocco. We are leaving next week and SUPER excited!

Seven of us will immerse ourselves into the sites, sounds, landscapes and tastes of an exciting new country. We will travel from Casablanca to Meknes and Fes. Into the Sahara to sleep under the stars. Trek for three days through the Atlas mountains with a Berber family. Onto Marrakech. Ending in Essaouira, a charming seaside town.

I’ve had many questions from travelers about this trip because, we cover a lot of territory with new experiences. This trip will take us from the cities into the desert. Then hiking and camping in the mountains. Questions range from packing lists – to the welfare of pack mules.

This question about the pack mules highlights for me the mindful nature of our travelers and a desire for responsible tourism. Responsible tourism means: Let's stay mindful about the people, animals and environment that are making our trip enjoyable.

So for three days in the mountains, pack mules will be helping us carry our luggage. Just how do we stay mindful? Basically, pack a duffle or soft sided luggage, and keep the weight of your bags under 45lbs. 

More information can be found here at The Donkey Sanctuary. A non-profit organization working to protect donkey's and promote animal welfare in tourism.


Lesley Ames
Chief Venturer

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