Why slow travel?

TRAVEL TIP: Why slow travel? Slow travel is a mindset that allows you to experience more. To step off the tourist track and savor the moments that create a sense of place. For me, slow travel reminds us to enjoy.

Dear Venturer,

This past week, I took a walk in my neighborhood. Not a big deal, right? But, this time I left my phone behind. Most of us know the attachment we have with our smart phones – to not want to let go of them. I’m not certain why I left it behind but, I was secure enough I would return to it shortly.

So, I walked around the block and discovered something. I noticed more. I lingered sitting at the corner park bench to watch people go by. The activity in my mind slowed down and I noticed I was breathing.

It made me think for a moment, this ease and awareness to something new is what I love about traveling. Many times coming home after a trip, I ask myself, how can I integrate "the feeling of travel" more into my daily life?

While I was sitting, I also realized that being in the present is one of the reasons why I enjoy Tuscany, Italy. You forget about your phone, your schedules, and to do lists. The purpose of each day is to either simply savor the region specialities over a slow lunch or explore one of the local hill towns, getting acquainted with the people and their traditions. Nothing is complicated.

It is exciting to think about our upcoming small group villa trip to Tuscany, Italy next spring. Together we will experience what slow travel really means. But for today, let's enjoy.

Lesley Ames
Chief Venturer

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