A bigger world, a better you.



BonViage provides unexpected and personally enriched travel experiences for you to explore the world. From pushing your comfort zone to appreciating new things, our small group trips blend local culture, local nature and locally cultivated experiences to allow for life-changing moments to happen and approach everyday life in a new way.   

Local Culture

Each country has something unique to offer, even the most popular ones. But, it can be difficult to find the unexpected, when everyone is talking about it. We focus on investigating a country through local experiences – from local culture to local nature – and more.

Outdoor Experiences

From breathtaking landscapes to cultural insights, the outdoors is where your eyes can open the widest. No matter your skill level, we provide experiences for you to push your potential, go off-road and at times get your feet dirty to investigate a different cultures way of life.

Personal Enrichment

We provide a balance of cultural highlights with personally enriched activities for you to learn new things. Our unexpected local itineraries set you on a path to allow for life-changing moments to happen and return from your vacation to approach everyday life in a fresh way. 

True Small Groups

Our personalized small groups with an average of six people provide a better opportunity for you to connect to local experiences. From getting an impromptu table at a family owned restaurant to traveling off-road in 4x4s, you get more from your travel experiences. Solo travelers even enjoy the benefits of safety and convenience with our small groups.

The meaning of BonViage.

Good journeys. Good rewards.

The literal translation for BonViage means good journey. The spelling is from an international interlingual language, derived from two languages. It is meant for communication between people from different nations that do not share a common first language. Our goal is to add the good rewards.

Our approach.

Responsible business.

Your travel choices make a profound impact on the world. Which is why BonViage takes a responsible and sustainable approach to travel before, during and after your trip. Whether it's staying at a locally-owned hotel, visiting an elephant rescue or experiencing the wonder of the natural outdoors, our goal is to deepen and provide meaningful travel experiences that both excite you and benefit the social and environmental surroundings of where we are.

Support Local

From our hiring of local guides that strive to preserve their natural and cultural environment to staying in local non-chain hotels or eating in family owned restaurants, your travel dollars stay in town.

Keep a Low Profile

We limit our group size to 8. This means no gas guzzling buses or tour megaphones. We travel in small vehicles or by public transportation so we can get off-the-beaten-path and try to blend in.

Be Good Guests

We do our best to minimize the impact left behind and encourage our travelers to do this as well, from bringing refillable water bottle to respecting wildlife and being considerate to others.

Donate for Change

As a small business our humble efforts are intended to make the world a better place. But, sometimes bigger pockets are needed for greater change. We proudly donate to Amnesty International to advocate for a world where human rights and environmental protections are enjoyed by all.


BonViage is a member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association and registered travel agent with American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA). We support and work in alignment with the mission of Sustainable Travel International to educate and protect the world’s natural and cultural riches through travel and tourism.