From breathtaking views or perfectly brewed tea, BonViage travel hosts are there to help connect you to the joy of travel. We assist with travel advice, navigating off-the-beaten-path and helping your adventure run smoothly, even when the unexpected happens. Your trip is in capable hands. 


Lesley Ames
Chief Venturer

As founder, BonViage was created out of a passion for travel. Connecting people to explore the world, live with open eyes, and evolve.

Growing up hiking and camping in the Pacific Northwest taught me how to build a campfire. But, I also learned a deep appreciation for nature and the environment.

My first solo trip was to Alaska to work in the fish canaries for the summer. Little did I know stepping onto a ferry and out of my comfort zone was the beginning of my wanderlust to explore the world. From Seattle and California, I headed east. Now in Chicago, I expand out to explore places like the Galapagos, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Myanmar, Turkey, and many more. 

Traveling beyond our borders is where I have found the largest lessons in life seem to be learned. As a traveler, I appreciate the comfort of a luxury hotel, but know that at times stepping into someone’s home in a remote region of the world will make a much larger impact in the world we live in. 

My commitment to you is to provide fun, memorable and conscious travel journeys that leave the world a better place - and with new friends.




John Creamer 
Travel Host

Financial adviser by profession. Addict of travel, European history, food and wine. 

Ever since my first trip to Italy at 17 years old, I've enjoyed exploring new destinations to uncover the historical stories of the world we live in. From Normandy, France to small hill towns of Tuscany, Italy, historical context can cause us to look at objects and places in an entirely new way. 

My travels have taken me from Mexico and Costa Rica to Europe’s heart including Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein and Switzerland. I enjoy exploring new places with knowledgable guides and heading off the beaten path to experience things and places that most travelers do not see. Have you climbed the waterfall at Bagno Vignoni in Italy to experience the most breathtaking view of the valley below? Or, gathered in the evening with over a hundred in Piazza della Rotonda to peacefully support animal rights in Rome? 

My passion will always be Italy because a trip isn’t complete until you find a hill town – for a two hour lunch (minimum) – to enjoy good food, wine, conversation and friends. 

One day I hope to own a villa and permanently travel in life. 


Ine Van der Stock
Travel Host

Sustainable tourism specialist and writer of a happiness-story.

With my home country Belgium and an itch to wander, my career developed early on as a tourism professional. From teaching sustainable tourism to professionals in developing countries, such as Mozambique, Malawi and Vietnam, to helping Belgium develop tourism beyond chocolate and beer at its National Park, my belief is that tourism can bring joy to others while at the same time making a positive impact on the world we live in.

I have visited tons of places in Europe with family and friends but, life changes when I step out of my comfort zone to places such as Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and New Zealand. I adore the African wilderness; find happiness dancing with African women; and know how to handle an unexpected greeting of pythons in Uganda.

With an open mind, a positive attitude and non-judging approach, I find life is good.  It’s all about living in the moment and enjoying the small things. Once you’re able to do that everything is amazing. Whether it’s riding your bike in a foreign city, eating lunch where the locals eat, hiking for hours to see a gorilla family or enjoying a cup of perfectly brewed Chinese green tea,  I find happiness everywhere.

I go left when everyone goes right . This is where the unexpected happens.