a journey for change

Since my childhood, I was passionate about learning about various cultures and found myself traveling extensively to amazing destinations across the world. I got quickly disappointed with the traditional tour packages of large groups of people going to touristy sites, staying at chain hotels and having meals at not so authentic restaurants. We would go from one stop to another and barely got to interact meaningfully with local life.

So, I started organizing trips around my preferences and realized how much richer it was to go off-the-beaten-path with a small group of like-minded people, taking time to enjoy the scenery and learning about local culture in a meaningful way as much as we could.  

These trips were very enriching to me, as they gave me a better appreciation of diverse cultures and provided life-changing lessons for better balance in my own daily life. I want to share these personal growth opportunities with others and I believe that BonViage can achieve that.

Lesley Ames
Chief Venturer