Each country has something unique to teach us. But, it can be difficult to experience the unexpected when everyone is talking about it. Through access to local knowledge and understanding of a culture, BonViage provides local, small group travel experiences to off-the-beaten-path destinations for a deeper understanding of the world and ourselvesOur intention driven itineraries blend local culture, local nature and personal enrichment to push your comfort zone, expand your consciousness, enhance your well-being, and simply enjoy.


1. Local experiences

Whether sitting in a local sauna in Finland or hiking with local Berbers in Morocco, our approach to every trip begins with local knowledge and an understanding of local culture for everything we do. With local food, local activities, local transportation and local accommodation, we provide you opportunities to connect deeper when you explore.

2. Personal enrichment

Each trip we create is founded on the belief that every country has something unique to teach us; and travel provides transformative experiences for us to learn and grow. From new perspectives to pushing your comfort zone and enhanced well-being, our ultimate goal is – a bigger world, and better you.

3. True small groups

We travel in small groups of less than eight. From grabbing a table at a family-owned restaurant to driving off-road, where tour buses don’t go, our small groups allow more personalized experiences and flexibility to connect to the authentic experiences you want.

4. Like-minded travelers

We do what we can to make you feel comfortable with others. From yoga and mindfulness to hiking and reaching your potential, we bring together travelers and curate trips that offer shared values. From getting acquainted at pre-trip events or setting a group’s ground rules for the road, our goal is for you to feel safe and enjoy travel among like-minded friends. 


5. Intentional itineraries

With travel experiences favored over bucket lists and personal growth over souvenirs, we blend a country’s local authentic beauty with purpose and passion to push your comfort zone, expand your perspective and enhance your well-being. From local experiences to personal enrichment, we curate the details for you. 

6. Responsible approach

Our travel choices can make a profound impact on the world, which is why we are committed to take a responsible approach with travel. Whether its’ the support of a local business, hiking along a mountain trail or a visit to an elephant rescue, our goal is to create – good journeys with good rewards.

7. BonViage host

A BonViage host is always there to lead you along the way, dedicated to ensure trip details run smoothly or solve unexpected problems when they arise – so you can just enjoy.